About Us

Growing up in the Urgut District in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. I was exposed to a great deal of cultural surroundings. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother because she took care of me. My grandmother was everything to me; we did everything together. She loved creating Suzani whenever she had some free time. I know that is the reason I love Suzani so much.

I remember the times we spent together making our creations. I used to prepare everything before we started developing new projects together. My grandmother taught me everything about needlework, so I started drawing patterns at a very early age. I was in the 4th grade when I created my first Suzani all by myself. It’s an old tradition that young women should have the ability to do crafting before they get married. It gives young women the respect of their new family.

I also used to help my sisters with sewing, needlework, embroidery and Suzani. Because of my outstanding ability I was the main decorator for any school holidays, and my creations were admired as they hung on display. Suzani crafting soon became my favorite pastime.

When I went to “Urgut Professional College”, I studied “Light industry goods technology” to be a sewing craftsman and I became Master of industry sewing. I learned easily and quickly while working on sewing machines and other types of needlework. It was a great opportunity to develop my ability to do Suzani. I was able to create more and more beautiful patterns while upgrading the quality of the handiwork. I also learned how to choose the best supplies for each job and utilize them for each specific purpose.

As I got more and more proficient at craftwork, I participated in a lot of competitions which I won handily, showcasing my creations and my great expertise.

After college, I got married and started teaching young girls how to create Suzani and other types of needlework just as my grandmother had taught me.

Later on, after I arrived in the United States in 2014, I got the inspiration to mix my Uzbek culture with my new lifestyle, since I know that the diversity of Suzani can take it to a different level. Thus, I started creating modern Suzani with modern patterns.

Nowadays, I am planning to take my ability to the business level and take my Suzani creations-with their uniqueness and beauty– all around the world.          

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